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Hempalta: Innovating the Industrial Hemp Industry

Hempalta Corp. (TSXV:HEMP) processes industrial hemp at scale to produce a range of consumer and commercial products using its proprietary processing technology, HempTrain, which converts industrial hemp into high-volume, high-grade products.

Hempalta’s products include animal bedding, garden mulch and construction products such as hempcrete – a biocomposite material for construction and insulation made of hemp hurds and lime. Industrial hemp is highly versatile and can be grown in different climates and soil conditions.

HEMPALTA owns 50.1 percent of HCS, which uses a science-based quantification methodology designed to measure carbon removal from industrial hemp accurately. The strategic investment in HCS – and through partnerships with industrial hemp farmers – positions HEMPALTA to become a leading carbon credit generator. The sale of these hemp-derived carbon credits offers a new revenue stream for HEMPALTA, in addition to its B2C and B2B hemp products. The carbon credit market is currently the largest opportunity for HEMPALTA. The global voluntary carbon market is projected to reach $2.68 trillion by 2028 at a CAGR of 18.23 percent. HEMPALTA anticipates realizing the first full cycle of carbon credit revenue by the first quarter of 2025.

Company Highlights

HEMPALTA is an agricultural technology company processing industrial hemp at scale. Industrial hemp is known for its sustainability, given its ability to absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) twice as efficiently as forests.HEMPALTA employs a proprietary processing technology called HempTrain to process industrial hemp to produce a range of high-value, environmentally friendly consumer and commercial products. These include biocomposite building materials, food preservation pads, pet litter, animal bedding and gardening products.The company’s consumer products are currently sold and distributed in over 150 stores and through e-commerce platforms in Canada and the U.S., with the goal of reaching more than 1,500 retail channels.In addition to industrial hemp products, HEMPALTA also offers carbon credits. The global voluntary carbon market is projected to reach $2.68 trillion by 2028, presenting a large opportunity for the company.The company owns a controlling interest (50.1 percent) of Hemp Carbon Standard (HCS), which is driving HEMPALTA’s venture into the carbon credits market. HCS uses a science-based quantification methodology designed to measure carbon removal from industrial hemp accurately.The industrial hemp industry is projected to experience growth as consumers and companies seek environmental and sustainable products. The global industrial hemp market is expected to reach $16.75 billion by 2030.

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