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CROWN Token Price Falls 25.4%, Volume Soars to $1.6M

CROWN Token Price Falls 25.4%, Volume Soars to $1.6M

Quick Overview

Price and Volume Changes: CROWN token price drops 25.4% to $0.547, with trading volume up 242.10% to $1.6M. Volatility: Trading at 72.44% below its ATH of $1.98, but 2009.9% above its ATL of $0.02588. Market Cap and Rank: Current market cap at $91.7M, ranking 511th in the crypto market. Economic Impact: Decline influenced by ether sell-off, economic growth, and a stronger dollar. Future Outlook: Potential recovery tied to market stability and events like the Decentralized Future Event.

As of today, the CROWN token is priced at $0.547, representing a substantial decline of 25.40% over the past 24 hours. The token’s 24-hour trading volume has surged to $1,619,560.36, increasing 242.10%. This stark contrast between the declining price and rising trading volume indicates heightened trading activity, possibly driven by speculative trading or panic selling.

CROWN 72.44% Below ATH, 2009.9% Above ATL

CROWN has experienced significant volatility over its trading history. The token reached an all-time high of $1.98 on 28th February 2024, now trading 72.44% below. Conversely, it recorded an all-time low of $0.02588 on 30th June 2023, which has since surged by 2009.90%. These dramatic price movements highlight the token’s susceptibility to market sentiment and broader crypto market trends.

Weekly Drop of 20.52%, Monthly Drop of 51.2%

Over the past week, CROWN has declined by 20.52%, a trend reflective of broader market conditions rather than isolated factors. The 7-day price range spans from $0.5203 to $0.8072, showing significant intra-week volatility. On a monthly basis, the decline is even steeper, with a drop of 51.2%, suggesting sustained bearish sentiment or market correction phases.

CROWN’s Market Cap at $91.7M Ranks 511th

With a market capitalisation of $91,701,073 and a circulating supply of 170,000,000 tokens, CROWN ranks 511th in the crypto market. The total supply is capped at 250,000,000 tokens, with a fully diluted valuation of $137,024,592. This substantial gap between circulating and total supply could impact future prices if large amounts of tokens are introduced into the market.

CROWN’s Price Range: $0.5086-$0.7359 in 24 Hours

CROWN’s price fluctuations within the last 24 hours have ranged between $0.5086 and $0.7359, indicating high volatility. The converter rate is 1 CROWN = $0.546998, aligning closely with the current market price. This tight alignment suggests market prices are stable in terms of conversion despite broader volatility.

Ether Sell-Off Impacts CROWN, Market Drops 2%

The broader crypto market has declined, influenced by a significant sell-off in ether, which dropped due to a $27 million sell order by Symbolic Capital Partner. This event caused notable declines in major altcoins, including DOGE, SHIB, AVAX, and LINK, each falling over 4% within an hour. The CoinDesk 20 Index also dropped by over 2%, reflecting widespread market apprehension. These trends have likely exacerbated CROWN’s recent price declines.

Economic Growth, Dollar Strength Hit The Token

Current economic conditions in the US have added to market volatility. A red-hot PMI report, indicating the fastest economic growth in two years, alongside a surge in the dollar due to tempered interest-rate cut expectations, has contributed to a more cautious investment climate. Investors react to these economic signals with increased uncertainty, leading to broader market fluctuations. The S&P 500’s decline by 0.6% underscores the interconnectedness of equity and crypto markets, further influencing CROWN’s performance. The robust economic growth has also led to speculations about future interest rate hikes, which could tighten liquidity and impact investment flows into riskier assets like cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, the stronger dollar makes dollar-denominated investments more attractive, potentially diverting capital away from the crypto market. These macroeconomic factors collectively create a challenging environment for CROWN and other cryptocurrencies as investors seek safer, more stable investment options amidst the economic turbulence.

CROWN Recovery Possible with Market Stability

Despite recent declines, community sentiment around CROWN remains bullish. This optimism could be driven by upcoming events like the Decentralized Future Event in Austin, Texas, from May 29-31, 2024. Such events often spur positive sentiment and increased interest in blockchain and Web3 technologies, potentially buoying CROWN’s price.

Moreover, if the broader market stabilises and economic conditions improve, CROWN could recover some of its lost value. Historical trends suggest that significant events and community engagement often drive short-term price spikes. However, sustained long-term growth will likely depend on broader market recovery, technological advancements, and increased adoption of the CROWN token in real-world applications.

While CROWN faces significant challenges in the current bearish market, its historical performance and community support indicate potential for future recovery and growth. Investors should monitor broader market trends, economic indicators, and upcoming events to gauge the token’s trajectory.

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