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COIN360: Live Cryptocurrency Prices & Heatmap

COIN360: Live Cryptocurrency Prices & Heatmap

COIN360 aggregates live data on cryptocurrencies and crypto exchanges. It serves everyone from professional to beginner traders, media outlets, and those just curious about crypto, providing essential tools to keep track of every tiny market movement. is your go-to online resource for the latest cryptocurrency market data, highlighting the current market capitalization of leading cryptocurrencies.

You get access to heatmaps, watchlists, and global charts with current and historical data of the crypto market. Calculations of the price and volume of each cryptocurrency are based on data from 25 verified exchanges.

It stands as a reliable source for up-to-the-minute cryptocurrency data and insights, aiding in making wise investment decisions.

As a premier cryptocurrency data platform, COIN360 offers real-time insights and analytics, emphasizing transparency and accuracy to support informed decisions in the dynamic crypto market.

Calculating Prices and Volumes on COIN 360

The app gathers data from 25 trusted exchanges to determine each cryptocurrency’s price and volume: Bitmex, Binance, OKEX, and more. The algorithm then calculates this data, refreshing approximately every 8 seconds.

Features visualizes cryptocurrency market capitalization using brick diagrams or tree maps, allowing viewers to grasp the overall capitalization and individual shares of various cryptocurrencies.

Color markers indicate rate changes: green for increases and red for decreases. Users can customize the chart to display coins or tokens and toggle between trading volumes and market capitalization. The filter feature excludes specific tokens, adjusting the data to fit new settings.

The rating includes cryptocurrency parameters like price in dollars and Bitcoin, rate changes, trading volume, total capitalization, and the operating protocol. is an interactive infographic designed to show live cryptocurrency market data, including the market capitalization of major cryptocurrencies. Each infographic block varies in size and color, featuring a ticker for cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, XRP. The block size reflects the currency’s market capitalization, while its color shows price movements: green for rising prices and red for falling prices. The aim is to give users a clear and visually appealing overview of the cryptocurrency market’s current status.

The Team

Jens Danielsson, as Coin360’s Head of Content, brings expertise in crypto analysis since 2017. Starting as a trader and early investor, Jens transitioned into a role where he could share his extensive knowledge through cryptocurrency writing, product reviews, and market analysis.

Van Thanh Le, Coin360’s Content Manager, excels in delivering clear, insightful crypto market analyses. Her articles aim to demystify the complex world of cryptocurrency for both novices and seasoned investors, offering narratives that clarify market trends.

Bottom Line

COIN360 stands as a vital tool for anyone involved or interested in the cryptocurrency market. It combines detailed, real-time data from multiple exchanges to offer a comprehensive overview of the market.

The platform’s visually engaging heatmaps and customizable charts. With the ability to track price and volume changes, users gain valuable insights for informed decision-making. Whether you’re making strategic investment choices or just exploring the crypto space, COIN360 provides the clarity and depth needed to navigate the cryptocurrency landscape effectively.

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