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Telegram Launches Ad Buys with Toncoin, Shares 50% Revenue

Telegram Launches Ad Buys with Toncoin, Shares 50% Revenue

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Telegram introduces in-app advertising purchases with Toncoin. 50% of ad revenue from public channels goes directly to channel owners. TON blockchain’s features spotlighted minimal fees, high speed, and massive transaction capacity.

In an era where digital platforms continuously explore innovative monetisation strategies, Telegram’s latest announcement stands out as a landmark decision. On Sunday, the popular messaging app revealed a groundbreaking update: the introduction of in-app advertisements purchasable with Toncoin, the native cryptocurrency of the TON (The Open Network) blockchain. This move is a significant component of Telegram’s broader strategy to monetise user engagement, particularly through its public channels. Under this new scheme, Telegram is setting a precedent by promising to allocate a staggering fifty per cent of the generated ad revenue directly to the owners of these channels.

Telegram and TON: A Strategic Alliance

The choice of TON for this venture is far from arbitrary. TON distinguishes itself with several compelling features that make it an attractive option for both Telegram and its users. Among these features are the minimal transaction fees and swift processing speeds. The TON blockchain, driven by a community-focused ethos, is designed to facilitate high-speed transactions and the development of decentralised applications (dApps). Its adoption of a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism enables the network to perform millions of transactions per second, a feat achieved through a process known as sharding.

The exceptional capabilities of the TON blockchain have not gone unnoticed. In October 2023, the blockchain security firm Certik lauded TON as the world’s fastest network, a title it earned by surpassing heavyweights like Solana, Polygon, and even traditional payment systems such as Visa and Mastercard, with a record-breaking throughput of 104,715 transactions per second. This accolade underscores the technical prowess and potential of TON to support Telegram’s ambitious monetisation efforts.

In February, Telegram CEO Pavel Durov teased the forthcoming launch of the Telegram Ad Platform, aimed at advertisers in almost a hundred countries. Durov highlighted the immense potential of the platform, noting Telegram’s broadcast channels’ ability to amass one trillion monthly views.

Empowering Channel Owners and Advertisers

The latest development enhances channel owners’ ability to monetise their content. Additionally, it aligns Telegram with other social media giants like YouTube and X. These platforms have long offered revenue-sharing models. Telegram’s advertising solution is notably budget-friendly. It allows promotions through bots and channels to start with just a few Toncoins. Furthermore, advertisers have full autonomy over ad placements. They can select the channels for their advertisements.

Moreover, Telegram offers channel owners several benefits. These benefits incentivise content creation and engagement. They include the ability to withdraw ad revenue without fees. Also, there’s flexibility to reinvest earnings back into the Telegram ecosystem. This reinvestment might involve a range of activities. For example, it could include extra advertising efforts or securing distinctive usernames. Additionally, offering giveaways of premium content is an option. Consequently, these actions foster a vibrant and engaging community within Telegram’s expansive user base.

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