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GAM3S.GG ICO: Web3 Gaming with 60K Users & 200+ Games

GAM3S.GG ICO: Web3 Gaming with 60K Users & 200+ Games

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GAM3S.GG, evolving from Polkastarter Gaming, now leads in web3 gaming with 60,000 users and over 200 games. Its ICO for the G3 token raised 80% of a $5M goal, backed by a $2M investment from Mechanism Capital. Features exclusive early access and partnerships, aiming to be a haven for gamers with quality web3 games. Achieved over 300,000 users, 350 games, and notable engagement in the GAM3 Awards with 450,000 votes. Plans include introducing cloud gaming, a seasonal battle pass and enhanced NFT utility with the Founder Watch.

In the rapidly evolving realm of web3 gaming, a shining beacon has emerged, capturing the hearts of gamers and investors alike. GAM3S.GG, formerly known as Polkastarter Gaming, stands tall as a web3 gaming platform par excellence. It aims to transcend the traditional gaming experience with its innovative approach and exciting features. As we delve into the world of GAM3S.GG, let’s explore how this platform is redefining gaming for the new digital age, combining the thrill of discovery with the trustworthiness of blockchain technology.

GAM3S.GG’s Leap: From Polkastarter to 60K Users & 200 Games

The transformation from Polkastarter Gaming to GAM3S.GG marks a significant milestone in the platform’s journey. This rebranding is not merely a change of name but a declaration of its broader mission to become the cornerstone of web3 gaming. With a registered user base of 60,000 strong and over 200 games listed, GAM3S.GG is creating a vibrant ecosystem where gamers can discover new titles, read reliable content, and access trustworthy reviews.

GAM3S.GG’s ICO Hits 80% of $5M Goal: The Future of Gaming

April 4th marked the launch of the much-anticipated ICO for GAM3S.GG’s native token, G3. With an impressive 80% of the $5,000,000 goal already raised, the platform’s promise is undeniable. The G3 token, an ERC20 token priced at a mere $0.03, is not just a cryptocurrency but a utility token that embodies the essence of the platform’s value proposition to gamers and developers alike.

Strategic $2M Investment Propels The Platform in Web3 Arena

A robust seed investment of $2 million, led by the visionary Mechanism Capital, has set the stage for GAM3S.GG’s ascension in the web3 gaming domain. The support from industry titans like Polygon and a consortium of other investors underscores the platform’s potential to revolutionise gaming. Ken from Mechanism Capital aptly notes the challenges of web3 gaming infrastructure and the necessity for innovation—a vision of GAM3S.GG embodies.

Web3 Gaming Redefined: GAM3S.GG’s Exclusive Gamer Haven

This platform is a haven for gamers seeking quality web3 games. It boasts game discovery, exclusive early access, and partnerships with leading gaming developers, ensuring a rich, engaging experience. Its commitment to reliable content and trustworthy reviews establishes a safe space for gamers to explore and invest in their passion.

From 300K Users to Future Cloud Gaming: GAM3S.GG’s Path

GAM3S.GG has achieved remarkable milestones, boasting over 300,000 registered users and offering more than 350 games. Of these, over 80 are directly playable in the browser. These accomplishments serve as proof of its expanding influence. Furthermore, the GAM3 Awards garnered 450,000 votes in December 2023. A live audience of more than 50,000 on platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and X showcased the community’s enthusiastic participation.

Looking to the future, GAM3S.GG has exciting plans. It intends to introduce cloud gaming features and a seasonal battle pass system. Additionally, a simplified trading mechanism for game collectables is on the agenda. These upcoming features are set to elevate the gaming experience further. They aim to make web3 gaming more accessible and enjoyable for players worldwide.

NFT Innovation: From Founder Keys to Founder Watch

In a groundbreaking move, GAM3S.GG has transitioned from ERC1155 to ERC721 standards, evolving from Founder Keys to Founder Watch. This key NFT update signifies a shift in technology, as well as in the utility offered to users. It also unlocks exclusive platform features, game awards, and participation in future token launches.

The project is making significant strides in the web3 gaming sector. It stands out as a leader thanks to its mix of innovative features, strategic investments, and a dedicated community. The platform aims to transform the gaming landscape. Consequently, it is well-positioned for a future where both gamers and developers can flourish. This future is built on creativity, trust, and blockchain technology.

Overall, GAM3S.GG is more than a mere gaming platform. It embodies a vision for the future of gaming. This vision encompasses a world where discovery, investment, and enjoyment merge within a web3 ecosystem. As we observe GAM3S.GG’s development, one fact remains evident. The gaming industry has undergone a transformation and GAM3S.GG is at the forefront of this change.

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