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Is mining cryptocurrency on phone a good idea today? 

Is mining cryptocurrency on the phone a good idea today?

Key Takeaways:

Explore the potential of mining cryptocurrency on your phone and weigh the benefits against the risks. Consider the convenience of mobile mining apps, but be aware of their limitations compared to traditional mining methods. Understand the impact of proof-of-work mechanisms on your device’s hardware and the challenges of generating profits through smartphone mining. Evaluate whether mobile mining aligns with your investment goals and risk tolerance before venturing into this digital frontier.

Are you one of those enthusiasts who think actively—is mining cryptocurrency on the phone a good idea? Is something like that easier to do than through the desktop, and how can you do it like a real professional? And how much time does it save today, when all traders, investors, and business people constantly rush?

Cryptocurrency mining has been a popular online activity in the past decade. Nowadays, most online activities are done on smartphones due to our fast-paced lives.

In this connection, mining cryptocurrencies on the phone has become one of my favourite things. Learn how to mine cryptocurrency on your phone from our expert investor. Find out if it’s possible and how to do it.

To understand how mining cryptocurrency on the phone works and if it’s a good idea, let’s explore what it involves.

Understanding Cryptocurrency Mining on Phones

Cryptocurrency mining on phones involves using your smartphone to participate in the process of earning digital currencies like Bitcoin or alternative coins. This method typically utilizes apps specifically designed for mining on Android devices or iPhones.

One notable example is the Pi Network, which lets users mine Pi coins directly from their smartphones. Users install the Pi Network app, tap a button once a day to start mining, and even increase their earnings by inviting others to join the network.

Another option is to use apps like CryptoTab or the app, which allow users to mine Bitcoin directly on their Android devices. These apps leverage the processing power of the smartphone to contribute to the proof-of-work process required for cryptocurrency mining.

Exploring Cloud Mining Solutions

Alternatively, individuals can use cloud mining, where users rent mining hardware remotely and receive a share of the mined cryptocurrency.

Platforms like NiceHash offer cloud mining services, allowing users to participate in mining without the need for expensive hardware or extensive technical knowledge.

Furthermore, some web browsers like Brave Browser incorporate built-in cryptocurrency mining features.

Brave Browser allows users to opt into a program where they earn rewards in Basic Attention Token (BAT) for allowing the Browser to mine cryptocurrency using their device’s resources.

While traditional cryptocurrency mining often requires specialized hardware and technical expertise, mobile cryptocurrency mining apps and cloud mining services provide accessible alternatives for individuals looking to participate in the digital currency ecosystem directly from their smartphones.

Basic Mining Apps

In this method, Android mining, individuals utilize crypto-mining apps outside official stores like Binance and Minestart. Users sideload these apps onto their devices, such as smartphones, bypassing traditional app marketplaces like Google Play and the App Store.

One platform where users can find these apps is F-Droid, which is specifically designed for Android devices and offers free and open-source software (FOSS), including mining applications.

Another avenue for accessing such apps is through Minerstat, which provides a platform for users to discover and install various mining applications on their Android devices.

However, it’s crucial to note the risks associated with this approach. Crypto mining apps sourced from unofficial channels can potentially harm your device with malware.

Risks of Proof-of-Work Mining

Moreover, participating in proof-of-work (PoW) consensus mechanisms, as utilized by networks like Bitcoin and Ethereum, exacts a toll on your device’s hardware, hastening wear and tear.

Challenges with Smartphone Mining

Smartphones are inherently less powerful than specialized mining rigs, resulting in inefficiencies in generating real-time block rewards.

Despite persistent mining activities, the returns may fail to cover the costs of electricity and internet usage, making the venture financially unsustainable in the long term.

Cloud Mining Solutions

Cloud mining simplifies crypto mining by allowing users to connect their smartphones to trusted services, enabling easy monitoring and adjustments. Here are some examples:


A prominent platform since 2018, Bitdeer offers cloud mining services where users tap into mining pools and receive mined digital currency directly to their wallets.

Prices for renting cloud computing power vary, starting from $35, with Bitcoin mining as the primary focus, although Ethereum Classic, Zcash, and Litecoin are also available.

Bitdeer even provides options for reselling hash rates through merchant contracts. Accessible on both iOS and Android.


Since 2017, ECOS has been a reliable crypto investment platform offering cloud mining services, among other features like a crypto wallet and exchange.

Users choose mining plans starting at $149, with higher-priced contracts granting more mining power for increased earnings. With over 100,000 clients globally, the ECOS app is accessible on iOS and Android.


Launched in 2020, Stormgain is an all-in-one crypto app with over 5,000,000 users worldwide. In addition to trading functions, it includes a Bitcoin cloud miner. Unlike others, Stormgain’s mining process doesn’t require upfront payments or contracts.

Users must only tap a few buttons every four hours to maintain mining activity. They can withdraw mined currency once they accumulate more than 10 USDT equivalent, although direct withdrawals aren’t supported.

Advantages of Mobile Mining

In general, mining digital assets on smartphones presents several advantages:

No need for a powerful setup: You only require a smartphone, eliminating the need for an expensive PC rig. Don’t demand top-tier phones: Even older smartphones suffice for mining. User-friendly: Mobile mining apps are typically easy to understand and intuitive, requiring a minimal learning curve. Minimal additional expenses: Generally, only electricity for charging your phone and internet access are necessary. Time-efficient: You don’t need to monitor your phone constantly; check the app once or twice daily.

Drawbacks of Mobile Mining

However, mining cryptocurrency on smartphones has its drawbacks, primarily concerning profitability.

Limited profit potential: Even with high-end rigs, such as ASIC rigs, it may take weeks, months, or even years to profit. Traditional smartphone mining needs more potential to generate sufficient profits to cover costs and address performance issues. Limited earning capacity via apps: While apps like Pi Network offer potential income boosts through referrals, earnings remain capped. Without expanding your referral circle, daily earnings are capped at 3.6 pi.

It’s essential to highlight that due to Pi Network’s ongoing development and absence from exchanges, the Pi coins you accumulate cannot currently be traded for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies.

Also, keep in mind that mobile mining doesn’t contribute significantly to the Bitcoin blockchain, which consists of blocks of transactions verified by nodes within the Bitcoin network.

Additionally, transaction fees, crucial for sustaining the peer-to-peer transaction system, are generally insignificant in mobile mining operations.

Bottom Line

While mobile mining offers convenience, weighing its benefits against its drawbacks is essential. Consider if the potential profitability justifies the investment of time, electricity, and internet costs.

Remember the security risks of unofficial mining apps and the limited computational power of smartphones. Before diving in, carefully assess if mobile mining aligns with your goals and risk tolerance.

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