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SMSCHAIN ICO (SMSTO) Targets 175,609 ETH: Disrupting A2P SMS

Quick Look:

SMSCHAIN introduces a novel blockchain framework to revolutionise A2P SMS delivery. It employs Android and blockchain technology for efficient, secure message distribution. Offers 100 million SMSTO tokens, 70% available in ICO, with prices between 2.66 and 3.33 ETH per 1000 tokens. Targets funding between 37,000 ETH (soft cap) and 175,609 ETH (hard cap). Simplifies SMS delivery globally, reducing costs and bypassing traditional barriers.

SMSCHAIN aims to transform the A2P SMS delivery landscape by establishing a reliable, interconnected framework leveraging blockchain technology. This project offers an innovative approach involving key stakeholders. The latter include telecom companies, individual miners (referred to as Units), and Sending and Delivering Entities. The team designed the system in such a way to operate on readily available Android devices for Units while the entire network boasts a robust blockchain infrastructure. This ensures transparency and security while also significantly reducing the reliance on traditional, centralised telecommunication frameworks. Moreover, the company plans to launch its ICO sale soon.

ICO Economics: 100M SMSTO Tokens, 37,000 ETH Goal

In the heart of SMSCHAIN’s financial model lies its native cryptocurrency, SMSTO, which is built on the Ethereum blockchain. The initiative has released a total of 100 million tokens, with 70% designated for public sale during the ICO. The pre-sale price will be 2.8 ETH for 1000 SMSTO, with a slight variation in price during the ICO phase, ranging from 2.66 to 3.33 ETH. The strategic pricing and ETH-only purchase option reflect a calculated approach to align with the cryptocurrency market dynamics. The fundraising goals, delineated by a soft cap of 37,000 ETH and a hard cap of 175,609 ETH, are quite ambitious. However, they are reflective of the project’s scale and its potential impact on the telecom industry.

Inside SMSCHAIN: Secure, Efficient Messaging Network

The operational backbone of the project is the SMSCHAIN Delivery Network (SDN). This is an intricate system consisting of various nodes that uphold the blockchain infrastructure. Moreover, the network is crucial for managing the flow of SMS messages and ensuring their secure and efficient delivery. The ecosystem includes Sending Entities that initiate message transmission, Miners or Units that deliver these messages, and Delivering SMS Aggregators that facilitate regional message traffic. The innovative Proof-of-Delivery mechanism authenticates each SMS. Thus, it guarantees reliability and fosters trust within the network. Furthermore, the SMSCHAIN application empowers Units to seamlessly manage SMS traffic and claim rewards, enhancing user engagement and participation.

Decentralised Solutions Cut Costs, Boost Access

Addressing the prevalent challenges in the traditional A2P SMS market, such as high operational costs and geographical limitations, SMSCHAIN introduces a decentralised model that dramatically lowers expenses and extends global reach. By enabling anyone with an Android device and an SMS bundle to become a part of the delivery network, SMSCHAIN democratises access to A2P SMS services. This approach mitigates the need for expensive infrastructure and maintenance. It also provides a solution to the contractual and quality control issues faced by SMS Aggregators.

Moreover, SMSCHAIN stands as a pioneering project, poised to disrupt the traditional A2P SMS delivery sector through its blockchain-based solution. By addressing key industry challenges and presenting a scalable, user-friendly platform, this project has the potential to redefine the standards of global communication in the telecom industry.

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