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Li-Stream RPK Locked Cycle Test Program Confirms Exceptional Recoveries

Infinity Lithium Corporation Limited (‘Infinity’, or ‘the Company’) is pleased to announce the completion of its Locked Cycle Test Program (‘LCT’) conducted at Simulus Group laboratories. The LCT program confirmed exceptional lithium recoveries from prior Li-Stream RPKTM process test work (refer the ASX announcement 7 September 2023) and improved lithium recoveries from the recently finalised subsequent lock cycle simulations. All LCT test work completed at Simulus Group Laboratorieswere led and managed by the Infinity GreenTech Technical Advisory Committee.

Comprehensive Locked Cycle Test Work (‘LCT’) program completed at Simulus Group Laboratories results in confirmation of exceptional recoveries at San José. The LCT confirmed the successful utilisation of Li-Stream RPK with >90% recoveries of the lithium from Run of Mine to the final end product.San José Run-of-Mine ore sample used to test and optimise Li-Stream RPKTM in support of engineering studies. LCT confirmed the consistent production of battery grade lithium hydroxide monohydrate from San José lithium bearing mica. LCT confirms and exceeds Updated Scoping Study lithium recoveries assumptions. Results provide data for future detailed engineering studies and optimisations through demonstration plant design.

The finalisation of LCT for Run of Mine (‘ROM’) to end product through the patent pending Li-Stream RPKTM process at the San José Lithium Project (‘San José’, or ‘the Project’) supportsrecently completed engineering studies (refer to ASX announcement 9 November 2023 – Updated Scoping Study), and has provided data for further process optimisation to be incorporated in the next stages of Li-Stream RPKTM process development. The Company is assessing the next steps for a demonstration plant for the confirmation of increased scale of production at San José.

The test work conducted simulated the complete process and included recycle streams to assess steady-state operation of the mass flows. No major deviations were found from the expected steady state conditions of this process, confirming accuracy of the process model and further de-risking the next stages of up-scaled test work.

The results confirmed the suitability of the Li-Stream RPK process at San Josè and the optimal technical option for lithium recovery from ROM to end product.

The test work highlighted the successful and consistent production of battery grade lithium hydroxide monohydrate utilising Li-Stream RPKTM. The implementation of materially industry standard hard rock backend processing method (neutralisation, evaporation, crystallisation and final production of battery grade end product) and the simplification of unit operations across the complete process (including the removal of traditional hard rock lithium chemical conversion unit operations such as the beneficiation and calcination stages) through the Li-Stream RPKTM process minimising process complexity and technical risk.

Infinity’s Chief Technical Officer and Chair of Infinity GreenTech Technical Advisory Committee, Mr Jon Starink said the following regarding the latest results and process, “The program confirmed the results of process simulations and validated key parameters underpinning the technical and commercial feasibility of extraction of lithium from the San José material and provides a solid foundation for further engineering towards a DFS and the pilot plant design”.

The LCT provided battery grade products for all cycles with the following table showing the total impurities (< 0.1%) in the pure lithium hydroxide products:

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