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Blocklancer ICO (LCN): $300K Raised, 1 Billion LNC Cap

Blocklancer ICO (LCN): $300K Raised, 1 Billion LNC Cap

Quick Look

Blocklancer aims to revolutionise freelancing with a Distributed Autonomous Job Market on the Ethereum platform. Introduced token LCN, raising $300,000 with a hard cap set at 1 billion LNC. User feedback led to major design overhauls, including a sophisticated blue colour scheme and an edgier interface. New features include a levelling system and a cleaner, more responsive design. Collaboration with Proxy Wallet enhances security and user experience for LNC token holders.

Blocklancer stands out among other crypto startups with its unique features. Unlike typical job marketplaces, Blocklancer is dubbed a Distributed Autonomous Job Market (DAJ), aiming to transform freelancing through blockchain technology. Built on the Ethereum platform, it seeks to offer a self-regulatory platform that benefits both freelancers and clients. The project’s commitment to evolving based on user feedback ensures a platform that meets and exceeds user expectations.

LCN’s Journey: From Zero to $300K

In Blocklancer’s world, the LCN token is paramount. Despite starting with a total supply of zero, the focus on fundraising has led to an impressive $300,000 raised to date. The LCN token’s pricing journey has seen fluctuations, from a pre-sale high of 1 ETH = 20,000 LCN to a varied ICO price. The company’s confidence in its project is shown through its ambitious hard cap of 1 billion LCN, aiming to build a strong financial foundation.

Design Overhaul: From Childish to Chic

Initial user feedback criticised the platform’s “too childish” design and lack of webpage responsiveness. However, Blocklancer didn’t dwell on the criticism; instead, they undertook a major design overhaul. They replaced oversized images and the outdated background with a sleek, sophisticated blue colour scheme and a more professional design. A new, cleaner menu bar and the removal of large header images underscore Blocklancer’s commitment to continuous improvement.

Blocklancer & Proxy: A Winning Duo

Blocklancer’s journey didn’t stop with a design revamp. The platform introduced an innovative levelling system and continued to optimise the user experience and design. The new logo reflects a modern, streamlined approach, aligning with the revamped brand identity. Moreover, the collaboration with Proxy Wallet has been a game-changer, integrating LCN tokens into a secure, user-friendly environment, thus adding value and utility for users.

Community-Driven Updates: The Blocklancer Way

Blocklancer ICO is on a development spree, offering regular updates and maintaining a transparent approach to user feedback. By encouraging community engagement through social media and direct comments, the project is nurturing a community alongside building the platform. It shows potential for fast growth. However, it’s important to remember that the crypto world is volatile and unpredictable, with no guarantees for success.

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