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Trading Secrets ICO (ETHFI) Raises $5.3M, And It’s Still Active ICO (ETHFI) Raises $5.3M, And It’s Still Active launches its ICO, raising $5.3 million with 76 days left. A non-custodial, decentralized protocol introducing a Liquid Staking Derivative (LSD) token. Draws inspiration from DeFi pioneers like RocketPool and Lido, emphasizing decentralization and community. Features include delegated staking, a liquidity pool, and innovative node services. Founded by Mike Silagadze, aiming to revolutionize staking with a sustainable model. emerges as a groundbreaking protocol in the decentralized finance (DeFi) landscape. The one that offers a non-custodial, delegated staking solution complemented by a Liquid Staking Derivative (LSD) token. With an ongoing ICO sale that has already garnered $5.3 million, stands on the shoulders of giants, acknowledging the contributions of DeFi forerunners like RocketPool, StakeWise, Diva, and Lido. It also strives to continue on its steps. Decentralization, a non-custodial ethos, sustainability, and alignment with its community’s interests are among its goals.

Blueprint for DeFi: Staking, NFTs, & Liquidity

The founder team designed this platform around key stakeholders: stakers, node operators, and node services users. It also boasts a clear roadmap that includes delegated staking, a liquidity pool, and node services. In the delegated staking phase, stakers with 32 ETH can participate in an auction mechanism for node operator assignments. For their efforts, they will receive a withdrawal safe and two NFTs (T-NFT and B-NFT) that play crucial roles in the staking process. The B-NFT, in particular, acts as a deductible for slashing insurance, introducing an innovative approach to yield generation and staker protection.

For those with less than 32 ETH, also offers the chance to mint eETH by contributing to the liquidity pool. Moreover, it allows users to participate in staking with flexible liquidity options. This inclusivity makes more appealing, as well as accessible to a wider range of investors. Expands with NFT-Driven Node Services

The platform also plans to expand into node services, a speculative yet promising phase that aims to enrol nodes for services through NFT metadata parameters. Besides, this phase highlights’s ambition to streamline staking processes and, at the same time, enhance the overall utility and functionality of the DeFi ecosystem.

ICO Gains To Power’s Bold Future

Mike Silagadze, a seasoned entrepreneur with a vision for the future of crypto, is the founder of this project. With $5.3 million already raised and strong backing from notable investors like North Island Ventures and Chapter One, seems poised for a significant launch on March 4 at ETHDenver. The company will use the funds to expand the engineering team and forge strategic partnerships.

As the ICO sale continues, with 76 days left on the clock, promises a new era of staking. It also exemplifies the dynamic and innovative spirit of the DeFi community. With a minimum staking amount of 32 ETH and a broad coalition of 35 investors, is set to redefine what’s possible in decentralised finance, making it a project to watch in the coming months.

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