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GoldBrick ICO (GBCK) Ends Soon. Don’s Miss This Hot Token

GoldBrick ICO (GBCK) Ends Soon. Don’s Miss This Hot Token

The emergence of the GoldBrick ICO marks a significant milestone in the digital world. This ICO introduces GoldBrick, a unique digital token, as the utility token for the State1 Metaverse. GoldBrick stands out for its absence of entry or exit fees, fostering easy adoption by merchants. Moreover, within the State1 Metaverse, a business-centric digital universe, it serves as the primary medium for transactions. That includes online and offline purchases, land acquisitions, and services.

Impressive $35K Raised: Nearing $800K ICO Goal

GoldBrick’s pre-sale phase 1, stretching from December 10, 2023, to February 11, 2024, is nearing completion with great progress. It has successfully raised $35,267, moving steadily towards its $800,000 goal. The team planned the GoldBrick token distribution strategically: 35% for sale, 20% reserved, followed by allocations for marketing, team, staking, advisors, and ambassadors.

Tokenomics: 15M Supply on Binance Chain

GoldBrick, registered in Italy, operates on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Thus, it guarantees robust security and efficiency. The total supply caps at 15 million tokens, with a distinct utility within State1’s circular economy. Post-launch, GoldBrick tokens will also become available on the BSC network from July 2024.

Strategic Marketing: Celebrity Endorsements Boost ICO

The marketing strategy for GoldBrick ICO encompasses a broad spectrum of activities, engaging advisors and ambassadors and hosting events. High-profile collaborations, such as with Christian Vieri and Nicola Ventola, and partnerships with brands like Ruzza Orologi and FitUp, amplify its reach.

Innovative Sales Phases: From $0.70 to $1.00 per GBCK

GoldBrick ICO has structured its sales phases meticulously. It had started with the SEED phase at $0.70 per GBCK, followed by two pre-sale phases, culminating in a public phase at $1.00 per GBCK.

Futuristic Features: OMNICHAIN and Time Bank Plans

Looking ahead, GoldBrick plans to introduce the OMNICHAIN GoldBrick, a proprietary internal bridge. Its roadmap also includes listing on tier 1 and 2 exchanges and developing a proprietary wallet. A unique feature, the Time Bank within State1, is also on the horizon.

Metaverse Market Boom: GoldBrick’s $996 Billion Opportunity

The global metaverse market, valued at $22.79 billion in 2021 and estimated to reach $996 billion by 2030, provides a fertile ground for the project’s growth. With a burgeoning user base across 43 digital worlds and diverse application areas, GoldBrick ICO is poised to capitalize on this expanding market.

All in all, this project stands as a beacon in the rapidly evolving metaverse landscape. As a digital token, it promises to redefine how businesses and individuals interact in the State1 Metaverse, offering a seamless, efficient, and versatile transactional tool. The potential of this metaverse and its currency is immense, making GoldBrick a token to watch closely in the digital economy.

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