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Explore the Cradles ICO (CRDS): Unlock the Secrets of Time

Explore the Cradles ICO (CRDS): Unlock the Secrets of Time

The Cradles ICO introduced a groundbreaking project – the first time-lapsing metaverse game. Moreover, Cradles promises an immersive experience that defies traditional MMORPG boundaries.

A Glimpse into Cradles: A Living, Breathing Metaverse

This platform offers a dynamic and evolving virtual world, simulating the laws of time and physics. This is not your typical MMORPG; it’s an extraordinary journey into a realm that progresses like real life. As players step into the vast continent of Cradles, they embark on a thrilling adventure, experiencing gameplay that rivals the polish of Web 2.0 gaming.

Perils and Adventures in the Prehistoric Cradles

Users can now step into Cradles, a prehistoric realm teeming with a diverse array of creatures and monsters. This lawless land allows player versus-player (PVP) interactions, turning hard-earned loot into fair game. Moreover, they will need to exercise extreme caution to avoid being slain by the inhabitants of Cradles. Users should also be strategic in managing inventory, guilds, monsters, skills, and talents. The game’s dynamic content updates ensure a continuously engaging experience for players.

Crystals: The Core Currency and Digital Token

Inside Cradles, players can acquire crystals, the core currency of this fantastical world. These crystals hold significant value as players can use to purchase goods and exchanged them for the CRDS token, the in-game digital token. However, a unique challenge arises – players will lose all items in the inventory upon death, creating a risk-and-reward scenario. They can kill others to gain advantages, but they also risk substantial losses if defeated.

Token Sale Alert: Grab Your CRDS Tokens Now!

As the gaming world buzzes with excitement, the Cradles ICO introduces a token sale from November 17 to November 22, 2023, with a fundraising goal of $150,000. The CRDS token is available at a price of 1 CRDS = 0.08 USD.

PvP Intensity: Weapons, Skills, and Talent System

The Cradles gaming experience features an extensive PvP system with over 180 weapons and 100 skills. Players should also pay attention to their talent system, unlocking more powerful weapons and skills by levelling up. PvP encounters can occur in designated arenas or specific areas within the game, adding a layer of excitement to the immersive gameplay.

Protect Yourself in the Intense PvP Environment

As players engage in PvP, they must protect themselves and increase their levels to fend off attackers. The intensity of PvP lies in the fact that all players can acquire the equipment of those they defeat. In the early stages, avoiding equipping extravagant items is advisable to prevent being killed by other players and losing belongings.

Become a Notorious Villain in Cradles

If the player eliminates enough enemies in Cradles, their name turns red, marking them as a wanted individual. At this point, all players can see their names and target them. Thus, users should embrace the villainous role cautiously, as other players might have their sights set on them. If players defeat villains, they will receive extra rewards, adding an intriguing layer of strategy to the game.

The Cradles ICO – A New Era in Gaming

In conclusion, the Cradles ICO is not just a game; it’s an invitation to a transformative journey in the world of decentralized gaming. With the ongoing token sale, gaming enthusiasts have a unique opportunity to be part of this groundbreaking movement. Embrace the challenges, unlock the secrets of time, and may luck favour the adventurers in the living, breathing metaverse of Cradles.

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