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Cryptocurrency Trading Psychology at A Glance

Cryptocurrency Trading Psychology at A Glance

Cryptocurrency trading is a relatively new and exciting trend. Thanks to the allure of substantial profits that attracts many to this burgeoning market. But like any other online trading, crypto trading is complex and demands much more than you may think.

While some traders believe constant practice and, of course, subsequent experience will make them better in their craft, they usually end up making some costly mistakes down the line. And that’s why having the proper set of skills gained from training can make a difference.

A cryptocurrency trading course can equip you with the expertise to set your foot on the right path towards success. Alongside additional knowledge on chart patterns and technical analysis, any trader who stays true to the course will never get it wrong.

But beyond training, a strong mind and trading psychology are also crucial for success in this space. Trading psychology refers to the mental and emotional aspects influencing your behavior and decisions as a crypto trader. It determines whether, as a trader, you will incur recurring losses or achieve consistent profits.

Cryptocurrency Trading and Emotions

The cryptocurrency market is one of the most volatile, as crypto prices can soar to dizzying heights in one moment and plummet to unexpected lows the next moment. This rollercoaster ride can frustrate traders and hinder or enhance their decision-making process. Here is a look at some emotions evoked due to this volatility.

Fear and Greed

Fear and greed are the two primary emotions that govern crypto markets. Fear makes traders panic, paralyzing them to make impulsive decisions like selling assets during the worst periods. On the contrary, greed leads traders to chase profits, disregarding sound trading principles.

To help assess the market sentiment of cryptocurrencies at a given period, traders should utilize the fear and greed index. This metric measures over a spectrum from a single number 1 to 100. 1 shows extreme fear, and 100 represents excessive greed in the market.


The fear of missing out (FOMO) and the fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) are common emotions in cryptocurrency. FOMO comes when a trader feels they may miss out on a potentially profitable chance, especially when price movements are dramatic and rapid. Traders experiencing FOMO are always impulsive and can make a cascade of actions. Such traders often find themselves on the wrong side of the market, experiencing financial losses.

On the contrary, FUD is a set of negative emotions triggered by unexpected events, negative rumors, or news in the crypto world. When this takes hold, traders get a clouded judgment and may make irrational decisions. For instance, an investor may sell holdings in panic after news that a particular investment is no longer helpful.

Overconfidence and Revenge Trading

Even the most seasoned crypto traders sometimes fall into revenge trading and overconfidence. These stem from a series of successful trades. Overconfidence, in particular, stems from a strong belief in oneself that one can accurately forecast market movements. Traders who go through this often underestimate that they can make wrong predictions or that the crypto market is volatile.

Once an overconfident trader experiences losses repeatedly, their first response is to double down since they believe they know how the market will go. They overestimate their abilities and almost always end up recouping losses immediately. This pattern is known as ‘revenge trading.’ Traders who expose themselves to this usually find themselves compounding losses.


Mastering trading psychology as a crypto trader is crucial. While the emotional highs and lows of crypto markets can lead to impulsive decisions, it is important to remain disciplined and manage your emotions. With the right commitment to continuous learning and mindset, you will navigate the volatile world of cryptocurrencies and emerge triumphant.

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