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Maverick trading: Start your trading career

Maverick trading: Start your trading career

A proprietary trading (prop trading) firm is a company that uses its capital to trade stocks, bonds, options, futures, or other financial instruments. One of the most popular is Maverick trading, established in 1997, specializing in Forex, options and equities trading. This firm is different from traditional investment firms as it doesn’t invest on behalf of clients. Instead, it takes on the risk of trading to earn profits for its own accounts.

Key Characteristics of Maverick Trading

Risk Management

Prop trading firms use various trading strategies to earn profits, and risk management is crucial to limit potential losses. They often use sophisticated algorithms and models to manage risk.

Trading Strategies

This firm employs various trading strategies, such as high-frequency trading, statistical arbitrage, and market making. They may use both automated and human trading.

Capital Allocation

Prop trading firms use their own capital for trading. They may have dedicated traders who specialize in specific markets or strategies.

The main perks of Maverick Trading

One of the main perks this proprietary firm offers to its clients is exceptional trading. Their trading models produced many successful traders in Forex, equity and options markets. The process to qualify for their program is subject to the fulfilment of several requirements.

The process to qualify for the Maverick Trading program

In order to qualify for the Maverick trading program, you need to understand the principles of trading this platform teaches. You need to pass several quizzes to demonstrate that you understand the ins and outs of options trading and stock trading.

Once you pass this step, you need to create your personalized trading plan. Upon creation of your plan, you submit it on the platform. Your plan needs to consist of all the trading aspects, such as entry and exit points, position sayings, and capital management.

You must ensure that you are able to successfully implement this trading plan. In that aim, you need to provide the trading statements from the brokerage platform that demonstrate you have been able to trade with profits and consistency for a certain period. The results from the demo trading account are also acceptable.

So, it may seem hard for many to enter this trading program. And it is true that without applicable experience, the chances of entering the program are slim. Only six per cent of those who apply become really successful traders.

Before you get the final interview schedule, you must watch several educational videos and carefully peruse their FAQ section, Maverick Trading.

Regarding the capital requirements, there are strict financial prerequisites. You need to have at least $12000 for their platform membership. As for the sharing of profits, it depends on the arrangement and your profitability as a trader. However, bear in mind that the platform allows you to trade with their capital and, being profitable, limits your fees to $199 per month for their program.

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