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What is IMPT Crypto: Price, Charts, and News

What is IMPT Crypto: Price, Charts, and News

The IMPT crypto and the platform of the same name represent one of the crypto environmental projects. It will become a marketplace that will allow the purchase of IMPT tokens, either with fiat currencies (euros, dollars, pounds sterling, etc.) or with cryptocurrencies.

Once you have IMPT tokens in your pocket, you choose a project aimed at reducing your carbon footprint. You support its financing by transferring your tokens, which entitles you to a carbon credit.

This then takes the form of a Non-Fungible Token (NFT), which the user can keep, resell on the market, or even destroy. This last option corresponds to the use of carbon credit.

In order to collect IMPT tokens, the platform also aims to serve as a shopping platform, bringing together products from brands committed to ecological transition. Thus, by purchasing a product via the platform, part of the margin, determined by the brand, is converted into IMPT tokens, and thus ultimately makes it possible to purchase carbon credits. The project claims to have aroused the interest of several brands already, such as Adidas or Chanel.

IMPT crypto price statistics

IMPT live Price $0.00598764

24 hours Low / 24h High $0.00591299 / $0.00600104

7d Low / 7d High $0.00572593 / $0.00661666

Trading Volume $974,580

Market Cap Rank #1016

Total supply $7,705,725

Market Cap Dominance 0.001%

Volume / Market Cap IMPT 0.1264

All-Time High Market price $0.02042864 -70.70%

Dec 15, 2022 (9 months)

All-Time Low $0.00363383 64.73%

May 17, 2023 (3 months)

At the time of writing, there are over 1.3 billion IMPT coins in circulation, which is around 44% of the total supply.

How to buy crypto from

IMPT tokens can already be purchased during a presale phase. In October, we are in the first presale phase, during which 1 IMPT is bought at the price of $0.018. 600 million tokens are available for this phase, or $10.8 million. After November 25, 2022, the price will drop to $0.023 and 660 million tokens will go on sale (see details below).

IMPT Token Presale Features

IMPTs are ERC-20 and therefore work with the Ethereum blockchain. If you ever want to subscribe to the operation, you can go through the Metamask crypto wallet (you will find our opinion on this wallet and how to install it in the link). Once connected to it, you will be able to buy IMPT either with ETH or with USDT stablecoins.

The transaction is carried out from the home page of the project once your Metamask wallet is connected. You then have a screen like this displayed:

Display once your Metamask wallet is connected to the page

Display once your Metamask wallet is connected

The project tackles an increasingly present issue: the preservation of the environment. By aiming to become a benchmark marketplace to facilitate the management of carbon credits for both individuals and companies, the team has serious ambitions. We are still only at the beginning, and only the future will tell us if this project will be able to fulfil its objectives. And you, do you want to believe it?

How Is the IMPT Network Secured?

IMPT harnesses the benefits of blockchain technology, utilizing an unchangeable record system to streamline transaction recording and asset monitoring in a corporate network. This solution presents a strategy to address the current obstacles faced in carbon offsetting.

By converting carbon assets into tokens, the industry can enjoy the advantages of dependable and transparent documentation throughout the entire process, encompassing creation, sale, and retirement. This method empowers companies and organizations to furnish authorized documents that serve as verifiable evidence of their carbon offset obligations, backed by unalterable blockchain transactions accessible to all.

Where Can You Buy IMPT?

If you want to purchase IMPT at its present cost, the platforms where you can trade IMPT include BitMart,, Uniswap (V3 and V2), LBank, and BitMart.

Are you interested in staying updated on live IMPT prices? Get the CMC mobile application to monitor real-time prices of IMPT, BTC, and other digital currencies.

The project team

The team is made up of 3 experienced financial experts.

With a background in financial services and process outsourcing spanning three decades, Denis Creighton, the CEO, brings a wealth of experience to the table. Starting off as the head of customer service at Vodafone, he soon ventured into building and managing businesses.

Joining him in this endeavour is Mike English, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO), who has previously worked for major companies like Oracle, Tesco, and Google.

Completing the team is Hugh Phelon, who contributes his legal expertise. With their combined knowledge, they are well-equipped to tackle intricate subjects like carbon credits and the evolving regulations surrounding crypto assets.

The team’s ultimate goal is to leverage the carbon credit market and blockchain technology to establish themselves as a prominent player in the transition towards a more sustainable future for both businesses and individuals. Now, let’s briefly outline the benefits of these two aspects.

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