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TIME wonderland price analysis and forecast 

TIME Wonderland price analysis and forecast

Wonderland TIME is a decentralized reserve currency protocol and one of the first Olympus forks on the Avalanche blockchain network. Wonderland is among the protocols that have pioneered the concept of DeFi 2.0, an evolution of the decentralized finance movement that gained massive traction throughout 2020 and 2021. Let’s delve a bit deeper into Wonderland and its significance in the evolving crypto landscape. Wonderland and its token TIME run on the Avalanche blockchain, or AVAX, network. As a result, Wonderland hopes to offer a reasonable option for trading and investment through the TIME crypto token.

TIME Wonderland price statistics

Wonderland TIME price today is $13.08, up 0.01% in the last 24 hours, and the live market cap is $12M. It has a circulating supply volume of 51,970,826 TIME coins and a max. supply volume of 51,970,826 alongside $2K 24-hour trading volume. All-time high – the highest price paid was $10475.15.

Price predictions for Wonderland’s TIME token illustrate a very bullish outlook over the next several years, anticipating steady growth for the project. Let’s summarize and provide some key takeaways from the predictions:

Wonderland (TIME) Price Predictions Summary

2023: A significant rise is expected, possibly hitting $279.95. The average price may be around $261.28, with a floor of $223.96.

2024: Due to possible new partnerships and projects, the price could surpass $466.58. The average for this year might hover around $410.59, with the lowest price point being $373.26.

2025: The upward trend might continue, potentially allowing TIME to reach $653.21. Averages might be around $597.22, with a low at $559.89.

2026: TIME may be stable and green throughout the year, potentially hitting $839.84. The average for this year might be $783.85, with a minimum forecast of $746.52.

2027: Price levels could rise to an average of $970.48, with peaks potentially reaching $1,026.47 and a floor around $933.15.

2028: Further bullishness may result in an average price of $1,157.11, a maximum of $1,213.10, and a minimum of $1,119.78.

2029: The bullish trend from previous years might continue, leading to a minimum price of $1,306.41 and a maximum of around $1,399.73.

2030: TIME might surpass previous all-time highs, with predictions suggesting a range between $1,493.04 and $1,586.36, and an average of $1,530.37.

2031: In case of a bullish market, the maximum price could reach $1,828.97, with an average expected around $1,754.32.

Wonderland Time Staking

Holders of TIME Wonderland can stake their tokens in Wonderland to earn returns. The protocol typically offers impressive APYs (Annual Percentage Yields) which can be an attractive proposition for investors looking for passive income opportunities. When it comes to staking time, the Wonderland protocol distributes profits every 8 hours by sending new TIME tokens to the staking contract.

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