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European Countries With The Most Billionaires in 2023

Which European countries have the most billionaires?

Long gone are the days when to be a millionaire was a label of incredible wealth, as the number of billionaires continues to increase the world over. How are these billionaires distributed throughout Europe? Which countries have the most?

Here we look at the 6 European countries with the most billionaires, put them in order from most to least, and have a closer look at who some of these billionaires are.

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#1: Germany

The European country with the most billionaires is Germany. In 2022 it had 134 billionaires, but in 2023, that number has dropped to 126. Their total value has dropped too, from €608 billion in 2022, to €525 billion in 2023.

The richest German is Dieter Schwarz, heir to the Lidl empire, who is worth €38.5 billion. His Schwarz Group is comprised of both the Kaufland and Lidl discount supermarkets, and has a total revenue of over €125 billion.

#2: Italy

Italy has had an increase in the number of billionaires in the country since last year. In 2022, it had 52 billionaires, but this year, that number has gone up to 64 billionaires worth a total of €194 billion.

59-year-old Giovanni Ferrero is the richest person in Italy, with a wealth of €34.9 billion. He is heir to the Ferrero confectionery company, and is currently executive chairman.

In 2018, Ferrero acquired Nestle’s U.S. confections business for €2.5 billion.

#3: United Kingdom

Third on our list is the United Kingdom, which in 2023 has 52 billionaires, with a total wealth of €199 billion.

The richest billionaire in the UK is still Sir James Ratcliffe, the chemical engineer and businessman, who is founder and CEO of the Ineos chemicals group, with a total wealth of €34 billion.

#4: France

In 2023, France moved up from number 5 to number 4 in the list of European countries with the most billionaires. It has 43 billionaires in 2023, no change from last year when it also had 43 billionaires.

The wealthiest billionaire in France is Bernard Arnault, the French businessman, who has a wealth of €214 billion. Arnault co-founded LVMH Moët Hennessy – Louis Vuitton SE, the largest luxury goods company in the world. He is still its chairman and chief executive.

#5: Switzerland

Switzerland has moved up from number 6 to number 5 this year, with a total of 41 billionaires.

The wealthiest billionaire in Switzerland is Gianluigi Aponte, who has a net worth of €28.8 billion. He is the Italian owner of the shipping company MSC (Mediterranean Shipping Company), the largest shipping line in the world.

#6: Sweden

Sweden comes in at number 6, down from number 4 last year, with 39 billionaires, down from 45 billionaires in 2022.

Stefan Persson, the founder of fashion brand H&M, remains Sweden’s richest billionaire, with a net worth of €16 billion.

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