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SpaceGold ICO: Mining Asteroids for SGOLD Token

SpaceGold ICO: Mining Asteroids for SGOLD Token & Real Gold Profits!

The SpaceGold ICO presents a promising project by the SpaceGold Corporation, a mining company that offers patented hardware solutions for autonomous asteroid mining of precious metals. With the native utility token, SGOLD, users can benefit from this revolutionary platform. After all, it combines blockchain technology with real-world space mining opportunities. Let’s dive into the details of this exciting venture.

SGOLD Token: A High-Ranked Digital Token

The SGOLD token, launched on February 2, 2019, has garnered considerable attention and ranks high on various ICO listing platforms. Moreover, its popularity continues to grow as the ICO sale progresses, with its value currently trading at 0.0041 ETH per 1 SGOLD. The total supply of SGOLD tokens is set at 1,500,000,000. During the ICO sale, interested investors can exchange ETH, BTC, and LTC for SGOLD tokens, thus, unlocking the potential for lucrative returns.

The SpaceGold Team and Vision

Founded by metallurgical engineer Hamidreza Jalilian, SpaceGold Corporation boasts a team of experts from esteemed organizations. The latter include NASA, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and TriVector Services. These experienced professionals have designed, built, launched, and operated satellites, making them well-equipped to pioneer space mining.

Unlocking Gold from Space with SGOLD Token

Unlike typical cryptocurrencies, SGOLD is also a gold streaming contract in the form of an ERC20 token. Furthermore, regulated by the CFTC and registered with FinCen in the United States, SGOLD offers an extraordinary advantage to token holders. They will be entitled to redeem 240 milligrams of physical gold, but only after the company delivers the first 70 metric tons of precious metal back to Earth. Besides, each satellite launch will result in the issuance of more SGOLD tokens. Thus, the company will ensure a steady supply.

SpaceGold’s Offerings: Mining Gold from Space

SpaceGold’s innovative approach involves mining and refining gold in space, making it available for token owners. These individuals can redeem the gold in the form of RFID-encoded gold bars. Moreover, the company estimates that the Global Space Mining Market can yield 25 tons of gold annually. This off-world mining opportunity presents a significant advantage to terrestrial markets. That’s impressive, considering the decline in production on Earth. Meanwhile, there’s the abundance of gold in asteroids.

Pioneering Space Mining with Blockchain Technology

SpaceGold leverages blockchain technology to provide additional benefits and security to its investors. The company aims to bring gold and platinum group metals to Earth in traceable 0.1 troy ounce tiles. The team secured the latter with blockchain entries (in the form of non-fungible tokens) to ensure transparency and accountability.

Investor Benefits and the Path Ahead

SpaceGold will use investor funds to develop, launch, and operate spacecraft for the next five years. Equipped with tested moon and asteroid mining and refining technology, these shuttles will be instrumental in the success of SpaceGold’s venture. Besides, this is the first decentralized app to record streaming contracts for space gold production. The platform will list contract holders and prospective producers using the Ethereum blockchain. In addition, it will enable seamless trading between token holders and investors.

The SpaceGold ICO introduces a pioneering project that envisions mining gold from asteroids and delivering real-world benefits to its SGOLD token holders. With a team of experienced professionals and a robust vision, SpaceGold Corporation is poised to become a major supplier of gold from space. As investors look to the stars for unprecedented opportunities, SpaceGold presents a promising journey into the future of space exploration and digital token profits.

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