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PBM Coin (PBMC) is an upcoming ICO

PBM Coin (PBMC) is an upcoming ICO

PBM Coin (PBMC) is a brand new crypto platform aiming to facilitate a greater amount of trade and business transactions between willing partners, thus creating greater openness in today’s worldwide economy. It can achieve all of this through the use of blockchain technology. It shall integrate elements from many blockchain components to create a reliable and open platform for open financial trade.

Due to the awkward nature of the traditional international banking system, new, faster technologies are needed to overcome these old obstacles. This includes the following: regulation, lack of collateral, low credit ratings, and outdated trading processes. It also includes the lack of knowledge of financial instruments among borrowers and high transaction/borrowing costs. PBM Coin aims to bring the benefits of efficiency in terms of time and cost inherent to blockchain technology to a wide audience. Most importantly, these traditional financial institutions have issues when it comes to trust mechanisms. Using blockchain technology, PBM Coin can ensure that parties entering into a financial agreement cannot back out as they please.

There are several features that blockchains offer that could greatly benefit any user. They are immutable, so no one can mess with transaction histories. There are hash encryptions that are supremely difficult and practically impossible to decode these transaction histories. Due to the platform being decentralised, those mining on the network has to solve mathematical puzzles to complete every transaction. This all gives a great degree of transparency to the process. All transactions will be visible for anyone to see, giving confidence that transactions are legitimate.

PBMC platform overview

When it comes to the PBMC platform specifically, there are several things features that contribute to its reliability. The platform is intended to make all transactions as smooth and simple for their users as possible. It will be able to keep tabs on all transactions, deposits, etc. It will track all transactions at every stage, making sure they are timely and accurate. Further features will include the availability of a borrower’s credit history, which will give a degree of transparency for every transaction. A future feature will be the inclusion of insurance services.

Parties will be able to buy insurance on the platform as a backup against the risk of transactions going wrong. Since this feature shall be part of the platform, it will automatically be able to detect foul play and correct it for the user. The guarantee of this will be the use of smart contracts.

The current supply of the PBM Coin ICO is 21,000,000, with only 9.5% of it being available for sale as of now. It shall be available on the Ethereum network, a major blockchain network. Its price is currently 5 USD per coin. Most importantly, the time for investment into the ICO is closing fast, ending on the 30th of June. We, therefore, recommend that you take this opportunity as soon as possible!

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