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Ethlas ICO: Paving Way for the Future of Gaming with Web3

Ethlas ICO: Paving the Way for the Future of Gaming with Web3

In the rapidly evolving world of gaming, Ethlas emerges as a promising project that aims to revolutionize the gaming experience using Web3 technologies. With a passion for blockchain, decentralized finance (DeFi), and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), this company aims to create an immersive and differentiated gaming ecosystem for players. Moreover, the team plans to launch Ethlas ICO soon. Let’s delve into the vision of this project, its aspirations to redefine gaming experiences, and its plans to provide infrastructure and tools for other game studios.

Building the Future of Gaming with Web3

Ethlas believes in the transformative power of Web3 technologies and their potential to shape the future of gaming. The team draws inspiration from industry giants such as Epic Games and Valve. However, Ethlas aims to not only develop captivating games but also establish a scalable platform for third-party developers. It will extract modular components from their game stack. As a result, the team will be able to create Ethlas Web3 Services (EWS). It will also enable other developers to leverage these tools for their own creations.

The Influence of Epic Games and Valve

Epic Games and Valve are well-known for their contributions to the gaming industry beyond their popular game titles. For instance, Epic Games introduced Unreal Engine, a physics engine that has powered numerous games. Meanwhile, Valve launched Steam, a leading games distribution channel. Both companies have empowered countless developers and studios, leaving a lasting impact on the industry. Ethlas intends to follow a similar playbook by building exceptional games. It will also offer platform modules through EWS for independent use by third-party developers.

Transitioning Web2 Users to Web3 Space

Ethlas plans to migrate interested Web2 users to the Web3 space once it reaches a significant level of Monthly Active Users within its gaming ecosystem. This transition will involve integrating Web3 capabilities into Web2 games. It will also include minting Web2 digital assets onto the blockchain, enabling Web2 users to create Web3 wallets through social logins, and facilitating interoperability between Web2 virtual currency and Web3 tokens. In addition, Ethlas will provide in-game educational content to educate Web2 users about the benefits of Web3.

Tokenomics and the ELS Token

Ethlas operates with a dual-token system consisting of the ERC20 in-game currency called GEMs and the ERC20 governance token known as ELS. Users can earn GEMs through games, quests, and leaderboard rankings. And they can spend these tokens on in-game purchases, items, upgrades, and services. On the other hand, the team will progressively distribute the ELS token to stakeholders. Both tokens are hard-capped, ensuring a controlled and sustainable ecosystem.

The Ethlas ICO Sale: Coming Soon

Mark your calendars for the Ethlas ICO sale, which is scheduled to start on June 28, 2023. During the ICO, the ELS token, an ERC20 token, will be available for purchase. With a fundraising goal of ETH and a total token supply of 350,000,000, the Ethlas ICO presents an opportunity for investors to participate in this exciting project.

Overall, Ethlas ICO represents a groundbreaking initiative that harnesses the potential of Web3 technologies to shape the future of gaming. By combining blockchain, DeFi, and NFTs, Ethlas strives to create a gaming ecosystem that offers immersive experiences and infrastructure for third-party developers. With its upcoming ICO sale, the company invites enthusiasts and investors to join them on their journey to unlock the next level of gaming experiences.

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