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Introducing the updated ATAS Beta

While traders think more about vacation than charts, order flow trading programmers are working hard to make ATAS even better. We have tried to significantly improve our platform. the new ATAS beta is because don’t miss this update!

What has gotten better:

Architecture and Optimization Design Operations with work spaces Instrument Manager Map settings window Tape and All Prices

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

The New ATAS Architecture

This change is not very obvious, but virtually all major modules have been optimized – Charts, Smart DOM and Tape. We have also optimized the servers. We’ve added a new storage format that allows you to store data in a more accurate form and for different markets, and to change the price increase “on the fly” without having to restart the server. Timely and reliable data exchange between servers and the platform is a critical part of optimization.

The new architecture is a microservice architecture that makes it easier to scale the system. Instrument management has been simplified, allowing all instruments to be combined in one version. Now they have stocks, futures and cryptos in one platform.

Changes in menu design

The design of the main window of the platform has changed. The menu became more intuitive and clear. Everything is organized in tabs. There are new features, such as importing the workspace and shrinking panel elements when shrinking the main window of the platform.

Tabs are now available

You can also control the tabs of the main window by turning them on and off in the bottom menu of the main window. Note that the window cloning button is now available in each module and chart.

Cloning Button

The new instrument manager

The instrument manager has been restructured. Each market (exchange) is included in its own catalogue.

Futures, equities and cryptocurrencies are separated. A full list of trading instruments for stocks, futures and currencies of the Moscow Stock Exchange (MOEX) has been added. You can analyze MGNT, YNDX, and other previously inaccessible stocks.

To add a necessary instrument to your favorites, just click on a star.


All chart settings are available in a pop-up window, which can now be resized. The following settings are available:

Visualization, chart design, colors, and labels Cluster settings – for the footprint diagrams (which is a footprint) Trading parameters The tab for loading and saving templates and snapshots has been moved
Chart Settings

Added a new drawing object – Global Horizontal Line (F4 key symbol shortcuts). When you draw this line, it is automatically duplicated on all other charts with the same instrument. The visual settings are also synchronized in all charts for this price level.

By the way, a few words about templats and snapshots.

The templats, snapshots, and workspace files now have different extensions.

cst – Snapshots cts – Templates ws – Workspace

Don’t worry about having to reconfigure everything.

In the new ATAS Beta, the ability to import workspace data from the previous version has been added. To do this, you must save the workspace file beforehand and it old ATAS, then click Import in the settings of the main window and find the saved workspace in the open menu. In ATAS version 3.xx it is located in the folder Documents / Advanced Time And Sales / layouts.

If you transfer the workspace from the ATAS 4.xx Crypto version, you need to switch to the Documents / ATAS Crypto / layouts folder. The workspace data is stored in the Documents / ATAS Crypto Trader / layouts folder in the Crypto version ATAS 5.xx.

Window arrangement

Do you see the navigation menu with the crossed lines in the middle of the screen?

It is automatically activated when you drag and drop one window/chart onto another. Place the windows in the most convenient way. Simply drag windows and modules into the areas of the screen where you want to see them. The new ATAS Beta “glues” the windows together in a large workspace. Then simply adjust the fencing according to width and height and adjust the working area itself. It is an absolutely flexible solution that makes it possible to design a display with any resolution.

Tab layout

The new ATAS Beta version provides more convenience when working with different time periods/markets/papers/indicator settings. Now you can save a lot of space and easily switch between different charts, not from the Start panel, but from the bottom menu of a chart. To do this, you must drag the diagram window and drop it in the middle area of the navigator, as shown in the image

You can organize your trade with a variety of charts by simply switching between the work shift tabs. Now this function is inserted from the right side of the chart.

Calculation logic of the new ATAS Beta

Horizontal bar chart / Tape / DOM / All Prices and other functional elements now calculate what is loaded in the chart. In other words, when a continuous contract is opened, the horizontal bar chart processes all executed trades for the contracts that were displayed in Continuous for the selected period.

One of the innovations was also a profile on the right side of the diagram. Now you can add multiple horizontal histograms to the chart, set the time period and visual display for each chart, and save the workspace. This histogram contains settings with a selection of a fixed time period to create a profile and a position on the chart.

Smart Tape and All Prices

Changes have also been made to the Smart Tape and All Prices. Click the snowflake at the top to freeze the job flow movement in the tape.

Adding and removing columns in the Smart Tape is now more convenient and easier.

All Prices has added the option of additional formatting. The display of important statistical data has become more advanced and convenient.

Furthermore, the possibility was created to export data from All Prices and Smart Tape / Times and Sales to Excel

Plans for the future

As you can see, many important and appropriate changes have been made in the new ATAS beta. We try to make your ATAS experience as enjoyable as possible and help you achieve your goal.

Try the latest version of ATAS Beta 5 by registering a personal account and downloading the installation file.

We have launched a new forum thread specifically for the new ATAS Beta version and invite you to write your wishes, comment and describe the problems you face when using the platform. Share your impressions – we look forward to your opinion.

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